Design Services



A 2 hour in depth interview and feedback session which includes paint and flooring options, window treatments, furniture ideas and placement, art and accessories.


Using your existing furniture, art and accessories, David Charles Klein Design will re-purpose and re-imagine your space to make it more cohesive, functional and beautiful. 

Design DNA Board

An outward visual representation of who you are on the inside, the Design DNA Board serves as the guiding principle by which the design of your space is created. It sets the tone and mood for the space and is customized just for you. 

Furniture Plan

A list of actual items to purchase based on the Design DNA Board. Also includes a floor plan detailing where each item fits into the space. 

Interior Design

Includes consultation, Design DNA Boards, furniture plan, installation and direct access to David. 

Clearing Clutter

The David Charles Klein Design 5 step process for organizing and de-cluttering your space.